Taj Mahal Tour Guide is a dire need for the tourists using the Taj Mahal India. A tour guide is a person who takes visitors around places of importance from the point of view of history, art, and culture. He or she is well-versed in the language and knows the local culture and other facts of a geographical area. These people help the tourists in buying tickets, assist through the crowds, pave the way for the culinary, and are termed as the cultured ambassadors of the country.

Historical references say that the practice of tourist guiding originated in the 17th century in the Vatican as tourism flourished. Cicerone guided the people who visited the historical wonders. There are various terms for the tour guides such as escort, cicerone, docent, guide, sherpa, etc. our Tripadvisor Taj Mahal can help you in booking Taj Mahal tour guide.

Role of Taj Mahal Tour Guide

1. Guide will assist you in exploring the unknown facts of the Taj Mahal which are not mentioned was in the guidebooks and available on google. They have practical experience of several years and gain knowledge from their seniors and concerned authentic authorities from time to time.

2. Taj Mahal has lots of special features and spots inside to admire, which you normally miss if have no guide with you, in fact, the Taj Mahal has so many details to see and observe and for example. You might have heard of the sunrise, sunset, and moonlight attractions of the Taj Mahal but was know
the reason behind them. The guide will tell you the reasons and their relationship with the sun and moonlight and many more.

3. You have always had a short time, your guide may suggest you cover all the main start attractions, excursions, activities, and possible ways. Thus he can make the best itineraries as far as your choice and timings.

4. When we visit the Taj, the guide will narrate the sweet love story of Shahjahan and Mumtaz Mahal to make your trip more romantic as Taj is a true love symbol and a very romantic and emotional historical monument.

5. Guide will focus on several aspects of architecture related to indo- Islamic architecture of the Taj Mahal if you do not higher a guide you definitely miss a valuable part of your sightseeing.

6. Photos always keep our memories alive for war your guide knows all the best professional photo points at the Taj Mahal. You will be benefitted to use him as your personal photographer to win your own mobile phone camera as well.

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7. You will feel comfortable with the guide while visiting the Taj Mahal and other historical monuments in several other ways. He may save you from the harassment of touts and hawkers around the monuments.

8. Suggest you hire only govt of India and UP tourism-approved tourist guides through an approved tours & travel agency to avoid all the hassles.

9. If you adopt this style of traveling, I am very much sure, you will make
the wonderful tour of your life.

10. There are so many formalities to check in at the Taj Mahal regarding security, collecting shoe covers, and mineral water, it you hence a guide, will make them simple for you

11. There are many artisans prohibited at Taj your guide will explain to you all in advance so that you have full comfort to enter the Taj.

12. If you wish to see the tomb at Taj another talent and check-in formality is regular at Taj, Guide will help you in this regard

13. Guide will arrange your delicious lunch and dinner at some reputable restaurant in the city war Taj Mahal

14. Guide will let you know about the local fairs festival and culture of Agra – The city of the Taj.

15. If you are looking for some souvenir or local craft like marble inlay work of the Taj Mahal, carpet, Jewelry, textile, brass, wood, or any other kind of handicraft, your guide will take you to the genuine cheap, and best places

Taj Mahal Tour Guide Charges

Particular Guide Fee
1-5 Persons

a)     Half Day

b)     Full Day



INR 1800

INR 2200

6-14 Persons

a)      Half Day

b)      Full Day  


INR 2200

INR 2850

15-40 Persons

a)      Half Day

b)      Full Day


INR 2900

INR 3800

Private Tour Guide For Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is an incredible monument with the first choice of the tour around the whole world. UNESCO has rewarded the Taj as the first wonder of the world. Taj Mahal has lots of unknown facts which makes it miraculous in several ways. Taj Mahal without a guide is simply a waste of your hard money and time. So many reasons would compel you to hire a qualified experienced tourist guide to enjoy the Taj Mahal in Agra (India) in the most angle way. Let us discuss some valuable suggestions to emphasize for need of Taj Mahal tourist guide as underneath. Taj Mahal with Guide is an amazing experience. Know about Taj Mahal Tour Guide Office